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The following articles and documents were written for dentists. However, patients who want to better understand any of the topics they cover may also want to read them. A brief description is attached to each article or document.

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  • A Classification System For The Management Of Biomechanical Factors In Dentistry: This article Describes Dr. Karl Hegyi’s “Integrated Classification System” of biomechanical factors in dentistry. In it, Dr. Hegyi describes the rationale, content, and use of this Classification system. One of the important qualities of this classification System is that it not only describes the patient’s condition, but also provides clear guidance for managing the biomechanical aspects of any patient’s dental problems – regardless of their condition. It does this by considering the combined status of the Temporomandibular Joints (TMJ’s), the Functional Occlusion, and Parafunctional Activity. Only when the status of all three of these elements is determined is it possible to predictably choose proper treatment.
  • Toothpaste Abrasion: This brief summary of the research conducted by Dr. John Dzakovich and the late Dr. Tom Abrahamsen refutes the belief that the notches commonly found on teeth around the gum line (known as nccl’s or non-carious cervical lesions) are the result of aggressive toothbrush use or bite problems. This research concludes that these lesions are actually the result of Toothpaste abrasion or Toothpaste abuse. The cause of these lesions has been a subject of debate for over 100 years.
  • DATA Designs: This photo/text document shows the four basic DATA Appliance designs and the indications for each.
  • DATA Part 1 Abbreviated: This is an edited (shortened) version of Dr. Karl Hegyi’s training document on the clinical procedures for the initial seating and adjustment of a DATA Appliance.
  • DATA Part 3 Abbreviated: This is an edited (shortened) version of Dr. Karl Hegyi’s training document on the clinical procedures for RedAddibration. This document focuses on the clinical methods of RedAddibration when it is done primarily for the purposes of functional correction – to develop a “Stable Biomechanical Foundation”. It may be helpful to also watch the video series “Posterior Dysfunction Treatment” parts 1 – 8 located in the “Case Examples” section of this site.
  • Causes Of Worn Teeth: This article, written by the late Tom Abrahamsen describes the five main causes of excessive tooth wear.
  • A Systematic Approach To Esthetics And Functional Treatment: This article details the evaluation and treatment of a patient with multiple pain, functional, and esthetic dental issues. A key point this article makes is that when patients have multiple types of problems and objectives, their treatment should consider and address all of them. A more complete description of this article is provided in the “Example Cases” section of this site.