Creating Harmony & Esthetics – Complete Video Series

This section provides detailed video coverage of the evaluation and treatment of two patients with common problems – pain, damaged teeth, and unattractive smiles. The reason we believe it is so important to include these cases in this section is because even though these problems are common, they are often overlooked or improperly treated. Some of the important points that should be noted while viewing these videos are that:

  • Even though both patients have similar problems, their appropriate treatments are quite different.
  • There are many problems that most patients don’t associate with dental issues that can be predictably evaluated and treated in a dental office. In these videos, neither patient knew that their pain and tooth damage were the result of biomechanical disharmony. As a result, they didn’t even think of mentioning these problems during past dental examinations.
  • Only by asking the right questions (from Dr. Hegyi) and a thorough evaluation (with a DATA Appliance) was it possible to determine the true cause(s) of these patients’ problems and what could be done to help them. Without these questions and evaluations, either no treatment or inappropriate treatment would have been provided.
  • When treatment is provided, it should ideally be done in a manner that considers and addresses all patient problems and goals.

This complete series contains approximately seven hours of video that was originally produced to train dentists. For most patients it would be more helpful to simply watch an overview of important segments of this series – in the “Key Video Segments” section.

This Complete Series is Broken Down into 4 Parts: