The purpose of this site is to give you an overview of our practice – The Center for Esthetics, Function, and Implant Rehabilitation located in North Royalton Ohio. This site is filled with valuable information about our practice and about dental care in general. Much of this information is difficult to find anywhere else and details the methods and beliefs of this practice and Dr. Karl Hegyi.

We encourage you to take a few minutes to view this information (especially the “Core Methods and Beliefs” section) and decide whether or not this is the right dental practice for you. We hope this information helps you make some important decisions regarding your dental care, regardless of where that care is provided. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give our office a call. A friendly and knowledgeable staff person will be happy to help you.


The Center for Esthetics, Function, and Implant Rehabilitation is not an ordinary dental office. It is the practice of Dentist. Karl Hegyi and focuses on restoring the appearance, function, comfort, and health of patients who demand the finest treatment available.


We obtain this by combining modern technology with experienced and caring people. Because of the nature of this practice, many of Dr. Hegyi’s patients have complex dental problems and are referred by other dentists, dental specialists, or physicians. Some of these patients present with “TMJ” disorders, facial, head pain, headaches, and “bite” problems. Others want to improve their smiles, need to repair damaged teeth, or replace missing teeth with dental implants. Still others are happy with their current dental status and just want general dental care, routine cleaning, and maintain proper dental hygine.


Regardless of your condition, if you believe there should be more to your dental care than you are currently receiving, please call or send us an email, our friendly staff in North Royalton will be happy to set you up with an appointment.