Our Staff

Dr Karl Hegyi - Center For Esthetics Function And Implant Rehabilitation - Ohio DentistKarl E. Hegyi DDS FAGD:

Dr. Hegyi has been in private practice since 1978 and is the creator and owner of the Center for Esthetics, Function, and Implant Rehabilitation. In addition to his practice, since 2004 Dr. Hegyi has also become increasingly involved with teaching dentists from around the world unique methods of evaluating and treating patients. These methods emphasize a comprehensive and predictable, yet also conservative, means of improving patient appearance, comfort, and function. Dr. Hegyi has developed these methods as a result of more than thirty years of advanced training, clinical experience, and a passion for wanting to help patients improve the quality of their lives.  In addition to teaching these methods, Dr. Hegyi uses them in his practice to help his patient’s achieve their personal dental goals and objectives.

Because of the nature of Dr. Hegyi’s practice, many of his patients are referred by other dentists, dental specialists, or physicians and often involve complex dental problems. Some of these patients present with “TMJ” disorders, Facial and Head pain, and “Bite” problems. Others want to improve their smiles, need to repair damaged teeth, or replace missing teeth with dental implants. However, because each of these problems can be treated in a number of different ways, Dr. Hegyi believes it is critical that he understands all of each patient’s dental wants and needs before beginning treatment. Only then can he help them choose the treatment that is most appropriate for their unique situation.

Although much of his time is spent treating patients with complex problems, Dr. Hegyi works equally hard at helping patients who are already happy with their current condition. With these patients, the emphasis is on maintaining good health, and this begins with prevention. Regardless of their condition, it is Dr. Hegyi’s goal to help each patient achieve and maintain the level of health, comfort, and appearance they desire and to do so in a predictable and conservative manner”. (see Dr. Hegyi’s Biography or Curriculum Vitae)


Donna Avondet - Karl Hegyi DDS - Center For Esthetics Function And Implant Rehabilitation - Ohio DentistDonna Avondet:

Donna has been a staff member since 1996. In that time she has filled many roles with excellence. Donna’s formal training is in dental chair-side assisting allowing her to assist Dr. Hegyi for fifteen years. However, she has accepted and learned many other roles, including laboratory assistant and receptionist. Currently Donna’s role is that of treatment coordinator and office manager. When you call the office for an appointment, need help explaining your treatment, or coordinating appointments between Dr. Hegyi and other outside team doctors, it is likely Donna who will be assisting you. Her warm and caring attitude and wealth of knowledge are sure to contribute to your having a positive experience.


Debbie Dieckman - Karl Hegyi DDS - Center For Esthetics Function And Implant Rehabilitation - Ohio DentistDebbie Dieckman:

Debbie has been a chair-side assistant for Dr. Hegyi since 2002. Like Donna, Debbie’s formal training was in dental chair-side assisting, but she has also accepted and learned many other roles including laboratory assistant – a critical role in this practice. Currently, Debbie is Dr. Hegyi’s chief chair side assistant and laboratory assistant. Debbie’s clinical skills combined with her warmth and compassion help assure you the most comfortable and pleasant treatment possible.


Kate Mingus - Karl Hegyi DDS - Center For Esthetics Function And Implant Rehabilitation - Ohio DentistKate Mingus BS:

Kate is a graduate of The Ohio State University. She has been practicing Dental Hygiene since 1995 and has been a member of our team since 2012. Along with her Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene, Kate has minors in Nutrition and Health Science Education.

Like the rest of our staff, she is warm, caring, and gentle, but she also understands that her role in patient care goes far beyond “cleaning teeth”. Her science and health education background drive her to have a strong desire to help her patients achieve optimal oral health. She does this by working with patients to help them either maintain good existing oral health or become healthier by looking at their whole mind and body.