Core Beliefs and Methods

This critical section is intended for anyone who wants to know what complete dental care can do to improve their overall quality of life. It does so by providing detailed information about the treatments and services that are most important for optimum dental health, comfort, and an attractive smile. In addition, many of these topics also impact upon whole body health and comfort. The content of this section represents the most fundamental beliefs and methods of Dr. Karl Hegyi and The Center for Esthetics, Function, and Implant Rehabilitation.

Whether you are a patient in this practice or not, we encourage you to read through each topic. Much of this important information is difficult to find anywhere else. Although there is much to read, we are confident that doing so will help you make better decisions regarding your dental care, regardless of where it is provided.


1. Dental Biomechanical Harmony – The Key to Dental Comfort, Health, and Esthetics.

2. Biomechanical Disharmony – Problems, Evaluation, and Treatment

3. Esthetic vs. Cosmetic Dental Treatment

4. Dental Implants

5. Periodontal Disease, Tooth Loss, and Whole Body Health

6. General Dental Care

7. Restoring Damaged and Unattractive Teeth

8. Sleep Disorders – Snoring, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and Nocturnal Parafunction