Anterior Dysfunction – Conservative Functional & Esthetic Treatment

This series of videos follows a patient with pain and an unattractive smile with Anterior Dysfunction through conservative functional and esthetic treatment. This treatment included limited orthodontic treatment, RedAddibration, and composite restorations. It emphasizes the use of the DATA Appliance in providing this treatment and creating what is now referred to as a “Stable Biomechanical Foundation”. It is important to understand that this patient had a complete evaluation before it was possible to know that this treatment was appropriate. Details of this evaluation and the planning that preceded this treatment may be viewed on the “Anterior Dysfunction – Evaluation and Treatment Planning” video series.

As previously described in the main introduction of this “Case Examples” section, it is important to understand that some of the terminology has been changed since these videos were produced. The term “Occlusal Dysfunction” that was used in these videos is now referred to as “Posterior Dysfunction”. The term “Kois Deprogrammer” is now referred to as a “DATA Appliance” and the term “Equilibration” has been replaced with “RedAddibration”. It would also be helpful to read Dr. Hegyi’s article “A Classification System for the Management of Biomechanical Factors in Dentistry”, located in the “Online Media Library” section of this site prior to viewing these videos.


Anterior Dysfunction Treatment 1 – The Rationale for Limited Orthodontic Treatment: Dr. Hegyi describes the rationale for limited orthodontic treatment as a part of his patient’s treatment for Anterior Dysfunction.


Anterior Dysfunction Treatment 2 – Limited Orthodontic Treatment in Progress: Dr Hegyi shows his patient in active orthodontic treatment, reviews his current symptom status, and previews the treatment that will be necessary following orthodontics to restore biomechanical harmony.


Anterior Dysfunction Treatment 3 – Orthodontic Treatment in Progress and Future Treatment Preview: Dr Hegyi reviews his patient’s updated occlusion and symptom status as limited orthodontic treatment nears completion. In addition, he discusses the rationale and importance of upcoming reductive and additive reshaping with the patient.


Anterior Dysfunction Treatment 4 – Post-Orthodontic and RedAddibration Treatment Follow-Up: Dr. Hegyi and his patient review the patient’s occlusion, esthetics, and symptom status shortly after orthodontic and RedAddibration are completed. At this point, all the requirements of a stable occlusion and biomechanical harmony have been met.


Anterior Dysfunction Treatment 5 – A New Hope – Case Follow-Up and Conclusions: In this dramatic video, Dr. Hegyi’s patient describes the changes that have occurred as a result of his treatment – treatment that included limited orthodontics and Redaddibration to restore biomechanical harmony. In addition, Dr. Hegyi describes concepts and goals that should be considered for all dental treatment involving biomechanical issues.