Ideal Function & Esthetic Treatment – An Article

This detailed article covers the complete evaluation and treatment of a patient with many different issues, including face and head pain, an unattractive smile, and problems chewing. Even though it was written for dentists, it has been included in this section because it illustrates a fundamental principle of Dr. Hegyi – this being that when patients have multiple types of problems and objectives, their treatment should consider and address all of them.

Unfortunately, often times this is not the case. For example it is common for patients like the one illustrated in this article to receive treatment that results in a nicer smile but without improvement in pain or function. Not only is treatment like this incomplete, it is also much more likely to fail.

It is our belief that treatment should only be considered successful – that a smile is only truly beautiful and complete – if it is done in a manner that addresses all of the patient’s dental problems.

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A Systematic Approach To Esthetics And Functional Treatment