Creating Harmony & Esthetics – Key Video Segments

This section provides a brief overview of a DVD that covers the evaluation and treatment of two patients with common problems – pain, damaged teeth, and unattractive smiles. The reason we believe it is important to include these cases in this section is because even though these problems are common, they are often overlooked or improperly treated. Some of the important points that should be noted while viewing these videos include:

  • Even though both patients have similar problems, their appropriate treatments are quite different.
  • There are many problems that most patients don’t associate with dental issues that can be predictably evaluated and treated in a dental office. In these videos, neither patient knew that their pain and tooth damage were the result of biomechanical disharmony. As a result, they didn’t even think of mentioning these problems during past dental examinations.
  • Only by asking the right questions (from Dr. Hegyi) and a thorough evaluation (with a DATA Appliance) was it possible to determine the true cause(s) of these patients’ problems and what could be done to help them. Without these questions and evaluations, either no treatment or inappropriate treatment would have been provided.
  • When treatment is provided, it should ideally be done in a manner that considers and addresses all patient problems and goals.

This overview section is likely best suited for most patients. For those who would like to view the entire DVD, you may do so in the “Complete Series” section.


Segment 1 – Preview of Debbie & Eric’s Treatments:     Based on Debbie and Eric’s evaluation with a DATA Appliance and each patient’s goals, Dr. Hegyi previews their anticipated treatment, including both functional and esthetic corrections.


Segment 2 – Debbie’s Problems And Goals:   In this video, prior to evaluation and treatment, Debbie describes her problems and objectives – involving pain, damaged teeth, and a desire for an improved smile.


Segment 3 – Debbie’s Functional Treatment Options:    In this video, after evaluation with a DATA Appliance is completed, Dr. Hegyi discusses the options for definitive correction of Debbie’s biomechanical disharmony.


Segment 4 – Debbie’s Response to the DATA Appliance and Expectations of RedAddibration Treatment:    In this video, after evaluation with a DATA Appliance, and prior to treatment, Dr. Hegyi and Debbie discuss her response to the DATA Appliance and what she can expect as a result of RedAddibration treatment.


Segment 5 – Debbie’s Bite Adjustment (RedAddibration): This video shows a brief portion of a live demonstration of the reductive reshaping portion of Debbie’s RedAddibration treatment. To view the entire RedAddibration, see the “Posterior Dysfunction Treatment” videos, parts 2 – 8.


Segment 6 – Debbie’s Initial Response to RedAddibration: In this video, Debbie describes how she now feels as a result of her RedAddibration treatment.


Segment 7 – Debbie’s Pre-Treatment Smile: This video shows the appearance and condition of Debbie’s smile prior to esthetic and functional correction with composite Veneers.


Segment 8 – Debbie’s New Smile and Healthy Bite: This video describes the reasons for and shows the esthetic results of Debbie’s composite veneers – after the reductive phase of RedAddibration was completed. Debbie also describes the functional improvements she feels as a result of her treatment.


Segment 9 – Eric’s Problems & Goals: In this video, prior to evaluation and treatment, Eric describes his problems and treatment objectives – concerning both esthetic and pain issues.


Segment 10 – Eric’s New Smile: This video shows Eric’s new smile after treatment with limited orthodontics, RedAddibration and composite restorations.


Segment 11 – Eric’s New Life and a New Hope For Others: In this video, Eric describes in detail the life altering changes he experienced as a result of his treatment from Dr. Hegyi – treatment that restored Eric’s biomechanical harmony and esthetics. In addition, Dr. Hegyi describes the implications of biomechanical harmony or disharmony on the comfort, health, and appropriate treatment for all patients.